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Pine Futon 
W/ Removable panels

Pine Inserts 1.jpg (134030 bytes)
Screwed and glued construction, front operated, beefy spreaders and choice of finishes. However, with these products you have the ability to change the arm style by changing the insert panel in each arm. By inserting the mission insert into the arm, the futon is now a mission style. By changing the insert panel to the matrix insert, the futon becomes more contemporary. By putting a pine tree insert in the arm, the futon takes on a lodge look. The style of your futon is only limited by the number of inserts we offer. We currently have 8 different inserts available. See Insert options upper right.
Full Futon- 84"L- 549.00                                              
28" Chair- 38"L - 469.00
Pine Tree Coffee Table-18H x 20w x 40L - 299.00
Pine Tree End Table - 21H x 20w x 28L- 249.00
8" Full Deluxe Futon Mattress- 199.00
8" Chair Deluxe Mattress- 149.00
             Total Regular group price: $1914.00                   Now On Sale 1499.00