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Become your own designer and have Pinecraft help you with your custom built Bench.  
It can be a fun and very rewarding experience. 
In the process you'll get to choose things such as: dimensions, finish, type of trim, hardware, leg style and whether you want the piece distressed or not, amongst many other options.  
The following photos are samples of some the pieces we have custom built for previous customers. 
If you find your self interested in any of them they can be used as a bases for your custom piece.  Please enjoy viewing these photos. 

  Click on a thumbnail image for a larger picture. (use the back button on your browser to return to this page)  If you would like more information on any of our benches please click here or the "I would like more information on this piece" at the bottom of this page.     
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Amish Styled Bench w/Flip-lid Storage Mission Bench 
w/Flip-lid Storage
3' Deacon's Bench
with flip lid and storage
(Our Original Best Seller!)
(Available w/or w/o cutouts)
3' Deacon's Bench
with flip lid and storage
(Our Original Best Seller!)
shown without hearts & scallops
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5' Deacon's Bench
Bench_006.jpg (136053 bytes) Bench_007.jpg (132189 bytes) Bench_008.jpg (147409 bytes) Bench_011.jpg (116657 bytes)
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Dsc00567.jpg (87294 bytes) Bench_001.jpg (143097 bytes) Bench_010.jpg (112770 bytes)

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